The Habitat of Delight - Ep. 6

Did you know that Eden means "Delight"? God created humanity to dwell in a habitat of delight...where everything around us reminds us of how loved we are. In this episode, we explore the life-changing effects of delight, and how living in the Environment of God's Love changes everything! Be equipped to delight in the everyday moments of life and receive all good things as a love-gift from Father. 

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Today's Recipe

1. Make yourself your favourite hot drink. (Or, if you're terrible at making drinks, go to your favourite coffee shop and buy it.)

2. When the drink is ready, breathe in its aroma. As you breathe it in, imagine that you are breathing in a love gift from God. 

3. With each sip, imagine that you are drinking a tangible gift of God’s love to you, because you are. 

4. Thank Him for setting you in a habitat of delight. Invite Holy Spirit to blow open the way you enjoy! You are blessed to see the world with new eyes and to enjoy all the good and perfect gifts He has surrounded you with!

I'd love to hear your experiences with God as you use this recipe. Tweet @rhythmsofhome with your stories! Or share them in the comments below!  -Bon



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