Enjoying Your Connection with God - Ep. 17

God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, by whom we cry, “Abba, Father”
— Galatians 4:6

In the last topic in our self-care series, we explore something truly beautiful: our connection with God. Jesus Christ forever made us on right terms with God. Bonner shares about how Jesus brought him from a place of approaching God from obligation and guilt to a place of expectancy, joy, and desire. Be equipped to enjoy the connection with God that you already have because of Jesus and to set up a rhythm of special time with Him in your life. It’s what we were made for!

Verses referenced in this week’s episode:

Romans 5:10 || Galatians 4:6

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Today's Recipe


Thank Jesus that He has restored you to complete union with God. That He took the initiative to set you right with God forever.

Step 2

Ask God this question, “Am I coming to you in guilt or in desire?”

Step 3

Dialogue with Him around that dynamic. Follow His lead.

Step 4

What would setting aside special time for you and God look like in this stage of your life?

Step 5

Set it up! Try it out! Give it a go this week!

I'd love to hear your experiences with God as you use this recipe. Tweet @rhythmsofhome with your stories! Or share them in the comments below!  -Bon



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