Listening to Your Capacity - Ep. 16

You weren’t made to run on empty. In life, we were made to live lightly and freely, without anything heavy or ill-fitting hindering us from a life of wholeness. In today’s episode, Bonner shares a few stories from his life about how listening to his capacity has enhanced his overall joy and peace in life. Be equipped to identify your capacity, value it, and to make changes in life that honour what you need.

Verse referenced in today’s episode:

Matthew 11:28-30

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Today's Recipe


Grab a journal or begin talking with Jesus however you pray and ask Him this question, “Jesus, what in my life am I carrying that is heavy and ill-fitting?”

Step 2

Whatever comes to your mind, write it out or say it out loud. (Do whatever you need to do to express it.)

Step 3

Give that burden or care or whatever it is to Him. I’ve found so much freedom in simply naming these things and handing them over to Jesus.

Step 4

Dialogue with Him about what He wants to do in your life about this thing. Is it an environmental change? Is it a mindset shift? Is it a change you need to make in life? 

Step 5

Plan a course of action with Him to begin honoring your capacity in this area. 


I'd love to hear your experiences with God as you use this recipe. Tweet @rhythmsofhome with your stories! Or share them in the comments below!  -Bon



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