You Matter - Ep. 13

Love others as you love yourself.
— Matthew 22:39

You count. I remember the first time I heard Father whisper that to my heart. It was one of those times that cut directly to the core. In today’s episode, we lay the foundation for our 3 weeks on Valuing Yourself. I share a few stories about how God set me free from this lie: “you don’t matter.” Learning to value myself led me to be able to bestow greater value to others in my life. Be equipped to value yourself, your process, your journey, your emotions, and to love others with a more whole and full heart!

Verses referenced in today's episode: 

Matthew 12:34 || Matthew 22:39

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Today's Recipe


Talk with God around this - “Where in my life do I not value myself?”

Step 2

Ask God, "Why don’t I value myself there?"

Step 3

Ask God, "How can I begin to value myself here?"

Step 4

In that situation, begin to say, “I matter.”


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