Christ in You (In Normal Life) - Ep. 12

The mystery hidden for ages...Christ in you...
— Col 1:26&27

You have far more in common with God than you realize. There are ways that you reveal Him in your everyday life that you have no idea about because it's always just felt normal to you. And that's the thing, isn't it? It feels normal to you because it's your true self. Your Christ-in-You-Self. You are a walking divine encounter. In this episode, we explore the reality that our impulses and desires reveal those of Jesus, and I share a story of a time I followed those desires and got to bless someone's socks off at Wal-Mart. Be equipped to see Christ in you and in others! 

Verses referenced in today's episode: 

Colossians 1:26&27 || 2 Cor 3:16&18 || John 15:11

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Today's Recipe


Find a quiet place to hang out with Jesus. Ask Him to show you all the ways you’ve effortlessly revealed Him in the last week. 

Step 2

Where have you seen Jesus in your spouse/friend/child/co-worker (anyone in your life) in the last week? 

Step 3

Tell them, and thank them for it. 

Step 4

Dream & Scheme with Holy spirit of how you can BLESS someone this week. It could be a co-worker, friend, family member, or you might want to just plan to buy someone’s coffee in the line at starbuck’s. 


I'd love to hear your experiences with God as you use this recipe. Tweet @rhythmsofhome with your stories! Or share them in the comments below!  -Bon



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