28. He Fills the Void

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Where do we go to fill our hearts up? We all want connection, love, and acceptance. Often where we go to find those things is unhealthy and leave us unsatisfied and always coming back for more. Today we talk about how to begin to live fully satisfied in the love, acceptance, affection, and connection of God.  

We look at the life of Leah and the emotional savagery she experienced, and how she learned not to be a slave to the acceptance of man, but to learn fulfilled in the love of God. Today we learn to respond to Jesus invitation to drink from Him and have streams flowing from within us!

Verses referenced in today's episode: Genesis 29:31-35   John 4:4-26



Where in your life do you feel empty? 

Step 2

To whom or what are you looking to fill that emptiness? 

Step 3

What’s the core thing your heart is looking for in that space?

Step 4

Bring that to Jesus. Give Him space to speak to your heart. It may even be wordless feeling or emotion that He causes within you. Sit in that space. 

Step 5

Thank Him that your wholeness and acceptance and connection is never conditional. 


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