I was born in Adelaide, South Australia and moved to Canada when I was 4 ½ years old, with my older sister, younger brother, Aussie father, and Canadian mother. I’ve lived  most of my days living and growing at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in Calgary, Alberta. 

I’ve since been almost fully Canadian-ized (no more Australian accent), but I have retained my love for Vegemite! I married the love of my life Laura in September 2016, and work as a web and graphic designer. I really enjoy almost anything creative, including writing and filmmaking. I also love travelling to new places (and beautiful familiar ones), cooking, reading, taking in movies on my highly-considered TV/speaker setup, and good long chats with good friends. 

Jesus has taken me on some fantastic adventures in life already, not the least of which has been discovering the incredibly comprehensive nature of what He has done for me, and for everyone! Furthermore, how natural He intends life in Him to be. But… you’ll have to read my blog to for more about that!

Thank you so much for being you, and for joining Bonner and I as we explore this exciting life we get to live!