Journaling the Voice of God

Tutorial by Bonner Wolf

Ken Helser taught me how to journal the voice of God way back in 2007. It set my life on a different path entirely. He gave me the courage & audacity to believe that I really could hear and know the voice of my Father. Since then, God and I have filled page after page of relationship.

This tutorial is derived from what Ken taught me. I say derived, because it's not exactly the way he does it. The main things are the same, I've just changed a few minor details. I encourage you to do the same. Use the bones of this practice to enhance your life with God!

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful, than that of a continual conversation with God; those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it.”
— Brother Lawrence



step 1: context

Write the date & location at the top of the page. I always enjoy looking back on my journals and recounting where I was while I was discovering the things God was revealing to me. There's a sweet sense of nostalgia to it. It brings context to my history with my sweet Jesus. 


step 2: your question


Write out whatever you want to say to God. Sometimes I'll have a specific thing I want to ask Him about. Or a specific thing in life I want to tell Him about and get His insight in. Most often, though, I write this simple question, 

"God, what do you have for me today?"

That question is so beautiful. Because it puts it all in His hands. I love surrendering to the wares of His heart. I have been destroyed (in the best sense) by His responses to that question more times than I can possibly remember! There's no greater thing we can do than to tee God up for some lavish affection. 


step 3: his voice

This is where the bravery comes in.


Skip a line, and without thinking or second guessing, write down whatever comes to your mind. Ya, ya, I know. the voice of religion will try and tell you that you can't hear Him, or that you aren't worthy, or some nonsense about how "He doesn't speak." 

Forget all that noise and just write.

Will you "get it wrong" sometimes? Well, YES! There are times when I have journaled things that I thought were God at the time, but in hindsight were not! This is ok and good. I have learned to decipher over the years what isn't Him. This is almost as important as knowing what is Him! Give yourself freedom to mess up and learn. As Ken Helser said, "I have learned far more from my failures than I ever have from any of my successes." The fruit of what you hear will be evident. 


step 4: KEEP IT GOING! 

This is a place for you to have conversations with God. Some of my conversations with Him have spanned over 10 pages, while others have only been a couple of paragraphs. There's no right or wrong length to your journaling with God. Go where He takes you. When you feel like it's finished, don't try and force it, just let it be done! Thank Him for His love, close your journal, and go about your day. 

Happy Journaling! 

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