coaching series & sessions

A coaching series is usually 7-12 sessions with your coach. Sessions happen once every 2 weeks, and usually go for about 35-60 minutes. In those sessions, you are focussing on accomplishing the goals that you set at the beginning of your coaching series.



your goals

This is about you and your goals. At the start of a coaching series, we’ll hone in together on 3 or so things that are important to you right now. It could be about your vocation, your family, your relationships, your health and wellness, your relationship with God…the options are limitless!



action steps

Coaching is all about action and forward momentum. At the end of each coaching session, you’ll settle in on 3 or so action steps that you’re going to do in the two weeks before your next call. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you put your heart and soul into it.




I do the majority of my coaching over the phone or Facetime (or Skype or Zoom.) If you are in the Fraser Valley area and would prefer to meet in person, this is absolutely doable. However, doing it over the phone saves us both time and money.