At the heart of a home is a family room. The place where you laugh. Cry. Share your story. Ask your questions. That place where you can be you. We’ve created a space here to foster that same environment. One of the best ways we can engage with Jesus is through sharing what He is doing in our lives with others, and hearing what He is doing in them! So pull up a chair, get cozy, and join in the vibrant conversation of The Family Room.

How does it work?

After each week’s podcast, a new question will be posted in The Family Room. The question will tie in to what we discussed in that week’s episode. Conversation around the weekly question will be available for 3 days, and in that time anyone can share their stories, questions, personal experiences, and engage directly with Bonner and the rest of the Rhythms of Home community! Your discussion could even effect a future podcast episode!

RECENT Discussions

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Did this week's podcast raise a question in your heart that you would love to ask Bonner and the Rhythms of Home community? Submit it here, and your question could become the subject of a future Family Room discussion or even a podcast episode!

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